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About Mrs. Smith Tilka


I am excited to be on this path of self-development and self-awareness with all my clients.  Being a part of a client’s process and witnessing their growth is one of the most fulfilling aspects of what I do. 

Actually, this is why I got into the counseling field in the first place: to help others believe in themselves and process through their life’s challenging situations.  I have been in the helping profession for over six years supporting clients as they process through their traumas, addictions, phases of life, and family of origin issues.  I look forward to being a part of your journey as well.

As an existential therapist, I believe that life is a journey of focusing and balancing one’s purpose, meaning, freedom and responsibility.  Sometimes we all need some help processing through the potential conditions of the human condition, such as being comfortable as our authentic selves or becoming aware of the many possibilities for oneself.   For me, focusing on one’s developmental patterns throughout their lifetime is just as important as what happened to them during our childhood.  However, I do incorporate attachment theory’s principles into my conceptualization process.  Our attachment styles as children, indeed, play a pivotal role in the relational patterns in one’s current relationships.  Incorporating these concepts into the therapeutic process helps to reveal patterns in one’s life as well as helps clients discover what is meaningful and purposeful to them.

If you would like to set up an initial consultation please call me at 941.623.6035 or you may email me at [email protected]




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