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“Professional Case Conference:  Human Development, assessment, treatment perspectives & strategies”



A 10 Session Live CE Event

Your Registration fee $800

Conducted in person and virtually



When:  Thursdays Beginning March 25, 2021 for 10 sessions bi-weekly

Where:  715 North Washington Blvd, Suite E, Sarasota, Fl. 34236

Time:  12:00pm to 1:30pm

CE Credits:  20



Program Registration Requirements: 

  •  Must be a licensed professional with your state licensing board and or a registered intern for that state.
  • Must be a Mental Health Professional (LCSW,LPC, LMHC,CAP,CAC,MD,PHD, Psy.D etc.)
  • Registration is open until June 30th
  • The full cost of the program is due at the time of registration in the amount of $800



Program Content, Learning objectives:

  • The seminars will cover the complex and multifaceted aspects of case development.
  • Learning objectives: recognizing and utilizing the critical importance of knowing how healthy (interrupted) human development shows itself in the process of therapy.
  •  Recognizing and understanding therapist self-knowledge, self-care and its effect in transference and countertransference.
  • Demonstrating and emphasizing the value of ongoing training, supervision and collegial support throughout one’s clinical career.




Session 1:  Review of psychosocial phases of development & Case Conceptualization Review, Rationale for ongoing clinical supervision


Session 2:  Case Conceptualization with Substance Use Disorders


Session 3:  Differential approaches between individual & couples/family


Session 4:  CBT & Psychodynamic theories


Session 5:  Individualized personal styles of clinicians, When the therapist is sick/pregnant/on hiatus; interruptions in treatment


Session 6:  Learning from mistakes, “rupture and repair”


Session 7:  Dilemmas with disorders of the self, Phases of treatment


Session 8:  Trauma, DID & treatment options


Session 9:  Engaging education the patient towards treatment, Ethical dilemmas


Session 10:  Stalls & stuck places, counter-transference


Patti Thompson

Meet Your Presenter:

Patti Thompson LMHC, CAP, NBCC,

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Addictions Professional

Patti Thompson has practiced in the community and public arena for more than 40 years. She started out in community education forums and motivational work. She became interested in and began a more organized and formal educational study to better understand and participate in Human Development. The intricate differences between nature, nurture and fate fascinates her.


For many years she has been passionate in her quest to understand the human experience, uniqueness of personality and how we change (or don’t).  Curiosity led her through a maze of experience, education and training and she’s now paused- although active in private practice-awaiting the next chapter.


For the purposes of the offered presentation today she has worked with individuals, families, couples, adolescents and geriatric people from all walks of life. Many of have been involved directly or indirectly with addiction disorders. Now known as SUD, (Substance Use Disorders). However, addictions, substance use and abuse are only part of the story. Once the person is back on a relatively healthy track some become interested in the development of the self (identity) and how one becomes who they are what they are and how they came to be. This is Patti’s area of expertise.


Patti’s respectful approach to treatment of any sort includes an enormous and profound gratitude to be invited into people’s lives, change and healing. The human being is so resilient and yet at the same time quite fragile. Every personal situation calls for unique and learned approaches. There are some commonalities in treatment’s but no two processes are the same. No cookie cutter treatment plans. Each relationship and history is unique and quite precious.


Patti’s preferred approach to her work is one of warm, friendly and voluntary collaboration. Getting to know people while they get to know her (with a serious and respectful nod to healthy boundaries) is essentially how she works. A healthy relationship for change demands integrity trust and rapport. Patti builds and facilitates a process of interaction that forms the vehicle for learning, change, insight and more. Confidentiality and trust are intrinsic. Nothing happens without mutual trust and respect.



Clinical Supervisor, Counselor and Psychotherapist



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