Dynamic Group Therapy

Dr. Benson's practice offers group therapy specifically for:

*Adults struggling with Eating Disorders

*Adult Trauma Focused

*Adult Relational Groups addressing Family of Origin Issues

How can groups be helpful for you?

  • Groups discover commonalities in their purpose and experiences which creates a safe space for healing.
  • Peer-to-Peer interactions encourages active listening and hearing.
  • Seeing peers in their healing process encourages others in the group to be active participants in their own healing.
  • Groups provide support during critical times for peers.
  • Studying the group interaction is beneficial to the therapist who can observe patterns of social and relational behavior empowering participants an opportunity to learn unhealthy ways of thinking and interacting within relationships that have caused problems with the opportunity to build and learn new relational perspective about oneself and others.
  • Peers in the group often serve as representations of friends, family and loved ones of other peers, allowing them to address issues below the surface they did or did not know they had with that particular family system.

All groups meet one time weekly for 90 minutes.  All groups require a 6 month commitment as well as engagement in your own individual psychotherapy.

If you are interested in engaging in group work with Dr. Benson's practice please call or fill out an online contact request form for more information.


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