Lisi Brannen CAC

Lisi Brannen

Certified Addictions Counselor

Hi, my name is Lisi Brannen and I have been a Professional Relations Representative at Sarasota Addiction Specialists since spring of 2024. I am a Certified Addictions Counselor. Additionally, I have over 15 years of experience working in the human services field serving those suffering from addiction and severe and persistent mental illness.  I have extensive experience working with the homeless population as well as with incarcerated individuals.


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I was born in Miami, Florida and lived there most of my life.  I enjoy staying active, exercising, cherishing family moments, being a mom and caring for my two adorable pugs. I am the first generation born in this country with roots tracing back to Cuban immigrants, and fluent in the Spanish language.


Driven by my passion to help those in need, I moved to Sarasota in 2008 and have called it my home since then.  Through my own journey, I have developed a true passion for helping people which is exemplified by my ability to connect with others struggling with substance use disorders.  Working at Sarasota Addiction Specialists is something I cherish due to its esteemed reputation, robust leadership, and exceptional standing within the community.  My journey thus far has been enriching, fostering meaningful professional connections with individuals across various fields, including healthcare professionals, legal experts, and other professionals.


Seeking treatment can be a daunting and uncertain journey for many. Being a part of Sarasota Addiction Specialists is a privilege, as we offer a secure supportive environment for recovery while also building a strong foundation for your future.

Please feel free to contact me at 941.914.4064 or email me at [email protected]




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