Private Individualized Substance Abuse Intensive

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For more detailed information please visit Sarasota Addiction Specialists offer a Substance Abuse Intensive Out Patient Program.  Our program lengths vary from a minimum of 6 weeks up to16 weeks dependent on individualized need.  The I.O.P supports the treatment of individuals suffering from Alcohol, Drug's, Gambling, Eating Disorders, Prescription Medications, Obsessive Disorders and Co-Dependency. 

Our program provides 3 groups weekly that meet in 3 hour increments as well as random urine drug screens.  These groups are designed to educate on addiction and build a solid foundation for long term recovery from addiction.   Our program does not only focus on the drugs of abuse but also on psycho-dynamics, past traumas and restructuring of the psyche.  You can not build long term recovery without building a solid foundation underneath you.  We make it our priority to challenge your mind so that you can unlock the doors within the depths of your mind that have been holding you back and keeping you trapped in the cycle of addiction.

Sarasota Addiction Specialists also offers Individual Psychotherapy, Addiction Counseling, Breathalyzer Monitoring with state of the art equipment, Sober Companion, Intervention Services & Safe Transport.

Sarasota Addiction Specialists was established to provide personalized services to the discerning client who demands absolute privacy, flexibility, and discretion.  We help our clients and their loved ones regain a sense of balance and create a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Benson is the Clinical Director and Supervisor Sarasota Addictions Specialists.  She works together with Mr. David Forestier, Director of Support Services and Mr. Cole Young, Chief Operating Officer.  With over 50 years of collective experience, we specialize in tailoring our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. *This program offers 6-16 weeks of intensive individual and group psychotherapy to help individuals recover from addiction.  *Participants will engage in 9 clinical hours a week for a total minimum of 6 weeks up to 16 weeks based on individual need.

Here is a full break down of services offered through Sarasota Addiction Specialists:

Intensive Out-Patient (IOP)

IOP offers individuals who suffer from addiction and alcoholism support, education, and community building while maintaining the ability to participate in their day-to-day lives.

  • Individual counseling
  • Group And Family Counseling
  • Education
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Testing

Addiction Counseling 

Addiction Counselor's work with clients and their loved ones, putting healthy habits into place.

Addiction Counselor's are essential:

  • To clients trapped in the cycle of destructive behavior
  • To Addicts or alcoholics new in recovery
  • During threats to sustained sobriety
  • To Family or loved ones
  • During ongoing court cases
  • During transitional periods, such as from treatment to home life

Addiction Counselor's meet with clients and loved ones

  • Face to face
  • Over the phone
  • Video chat  

Hourly Sessions can occur

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

Recovery Companion 

Recovery Companions, sometimes called sober companions or sober escorts, provide hands-on support on a daily or 24-hour, live-in basis. Companions blend into our clients’ daily lives because they are matched by gender, background, and similar interests. An experienced case manager supervises Recovery Companions, and additional case management services are available.

Recovery Companions are essential:

  • During the potentially perilous transition from treatment to home life
  • When clients need to leave in-patient treatment for court or family emergencies
  • In addition to or replacement of in-patient treatment
  • To high-profile entertainment, sports, or business professionals, and their managers, agents, or board of directors
  • Employee assistance programs
  • To maintain professional licensure
  • As a full-time Recovery Coach


Too often loved ones are so trapped in the cycle of destruction that they cannot get out before it’s too late. Loved ones of the addict/alcoholic are emotionally spent and have exhausted every known way to help. Interventions offer a caring and professional solution. Our interventionists are certified, experienced, and truly care. For more information on how Interventions can help save your loved one.

Safe Transports 

Traveling can be lined with challenges and a high chance of relapse.  Safe Transports take the stress and relapse-potential out of traveling to treatment, court, or any other destination. Our Transport Specialists make the travel arrangements, accompany our clients on their journey, and safeguard against relapse triggers along the way. 

Transport Specialists are essential:

  • From Door to Door
  • For a Safe & Sober arrival
  • From Intervention to Treatment
  • Between Treatment Centers
  • From Treatment to Home/Sober Living
  • By making all travel arrangements
  • By handling medications
  • When clients need to leave in-patient treatment for court or family emergencies
  • By maintaining communication with treatment facilitator(s)

Addictions Psychotherapy When additional support is needed, our clinical director and supervisor, Dr. Kim Benson, LMHC, CAP, provides psychotherapy and clinical oversight in areas such as:

  • Substances
  • Food
  • Sex
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Severe & Persistent Mental Illness

Monitoring Monitoring promotes accountability and structure, two essential elements in successful recovery. It is also a powerful tool for early-relapse prevention and shortening relapses by supporting abstinence and structure. Early detection of a relapse can minimize the damage by alerting the support team of the need to change the plan. Nationwide drug tests and mobile breathalyzer testing services are available, separately or as a compliment to another O2 service. We offer in-office drug tests, Affinity drug tests, and SOBERLINK GPS enabled breathalyzers. For more information about how our monitoring services can help you call now.

To inquire about fee's and sliding fee scales please or if you have any questions and ready to get help call us now at 941.444.6560

You may also send an email to [email protected]

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